"SoulCore is an amazing spiritual experience.  My description of SoulCore would be...praying the rosary with the fullness of who we are created to be - both physical creatures and spiritual beings.  Not only that, it also fuses personal prayer and communal prayer into one consolidated experience.  It is an intensely spiritual encounter within your heart, while it is also unitive with the others participating with you." - Theresa


"SoulCore has helped me really think about the virtues and how I can practice them in my daily life. The part I like best is how at peace you feel when you finish."


"SoulCore is the most beautiful and most meaningful way I have ever experienced the Rosary. Combining body and soul is so powerful and lifts up my prayer." 


"Just wanted to say thank you for SoulCore! It is so great and I absolutely love it.  I already feel so much closer to Mary especially - it was cool to see her portrayed in a new light.  Can't wait for next week!"


"Movement and prayer are a natural pair. My background working with disabled children showed me how movement led to increased speech. This movement lead to an increased "speaking" with God." 


"Now I feel that my body and soul are more one. I feel better about my faith and also my body!" 


"I woke up this morning sore from the workout. Normally I'd be complaining about sore muscles but it brought me so much joy instead. It's like for as sore as my muscles are, that means my soul and relationship with Jesus and Mary just got that much stronger."


“The Rosary is a school for learning true Christian perfection.” -Pope John XXIII