Rwandan genocide survivor and New York Times best selling author Immaculee Illibagiza on SoulCore:


"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating SoulCore. I literally just finished doing my first SC workout with the DVD and you do not know the peace it has brought me." -Karla

"I have to thank you for creating this program.  I have to modify some of the movements but I am feeling more spiritually whole thank I have in years.  The primary focus on prayer in the program also allows me to modify the movement without feeling like a failure, which I have felt in other programs.  I feel like SoulCore is the program I didn't know I was missing, but now that I have it, I want to share it with everyone I know." - Ann

"I received my dvd in the mail today and had to try it out right away! Loved it! Even with my 2 little guys playing around me it was like a mini retreat"  -Kyla

"I simply love just how spiritually nourishing and physically intense this workout is.  It's like the workout  I've waited for all my 27 years!" - Silpa

"Your SoulCore DVD is wonderful! The meditations which focus on the virtues of the mysteries are profound. You connect them beautifully to the body movements. Your DVD has been very helpful in my faith journey." -Pam

"This beautiful ministry has become a part of my daily prayer intentions - thank you again for your willingness to witness to our Catholic faith in this very physical way. When the Holy Spirit moves us to action that promotes fellowship and strengthens our bodies and deepens our relationship with the Lord through His Blessed Mother all at the same time - you can be certain that the fruits of this will be great indeed." - Mary

"Meditating on the mysteries of the holy rosary, we learn, after the example of Mary, to have peace in our souls through the unceasing and loving contact with Jesus and the mysteries of his redemptive life." - Blessed Pope Paul VI